Arts in Action Sponsorship Program

Arts in Action needs the financial support of the Sponsorship Program, where you can subscribe to a level comfortable to you.You can see any of the Arts in Action committee members or contact the church office at 440-845-2060 to subscribe.

All proceeds from the sponsorship go to the operating expenses of Arts in Action.  Our scholarship fund is maintained through specific donations and fundraisers, with no money coming from the sponsorship program.  Expenses include but are not limited to artists fees, administration costs and supporting Divinity Lutheran Church programs.

We are in need of support through time, volunteers, ushers and greeters, clean-up, and stage crew (setup and tear down) sound control, and possibly video.

Arts in Action Sponsorships:

Eagle Level: $450.00+
Platinum Level: $250.00-449.00
Gold Level: $150.00-249.00
Silver Level: $75.00-$149.00

Again, if you have a desire to be part of this exciting adventure into a new chapter of Divinity’s outreach program, just let a committee member know what you would like to do and we will see that you are directed to the committee member in charge.