About the Organ at Divinity Lutheran

Organ ConsoleThe original organ at Divinity Lutheran Church was installed in 1966 by the Hillgreen-Lane Organ Company in Alliance, Ohio.  Because of financial constraints, the instrument was not completed, with several ranks of pipes never being installed.  Due to the nature of the older pipe organs of its time, as well as those that preceded them, time was not kind.  A general rule of thumb is that a pipe organ will require major rework as it ages.  The organ committee selected the Rodgers/Ruffatti instrument because of the technology they use to slow down the aging process.  Over the ensuing time period, the physical condition of the instrument began to deteriorate.  In 1997 the organ committee was formed to assess the condition of our organ and recommend solutions to the problems found.  

Our worship needs determined that we replace the instrument.  Although our Forward in Faith funding program included the organ as a priority, more pressing capital improvements were needed at Divinity.  Due to these underlying problems with the instrument, combined with our developing worship needs, the organ committee revised the original recommendation and re-assessed the conclusions that were originally drawn.  As Divinity has grown and evolved, our worship needs have also evolved.  The revised recommendation encompassed the needs of contemporary and traditional worship services, community out reach, a mindfulness of stewardship, and advances in organ technology that took place since the original proposal was made by the organ committee.

Organ pipesIn 2004 the committee presented the revised recommendation to the Planning Council and the congregation and recommended that the T.S. Good Organ Co. install the instrument.  This instrument incorporates the best of the old time honored traditions with the reliability of 21st century computer technology.  The committee worked with T. S. Good to design a unique instrument.  We used a large portion of our old instrument, which was reconditioned for this new installation, keeping those pipes requiring minimal tuning and using the digital technology to reproduce the voices that commonly require frequent tuning, such as the reed sounds like trumpets, oboes, French horns, etc.  The new instrument brings to the worship experience at Divinity a myriad of sounds and styles in music, which will change as the worship needs change for us.  Our instrument is one of the largest installations of pipe/digital organs in the T.S. Good Organ Company‚Äôs territory.  The new organ was dedicated on February 6, 2006, with Scott Hanoian playing the dedicatory concert.

At the start of the fund raising campaign there was just over $10,000.00 in the organ fund.  The congregation needed to raise an additional $207,500.00 to complete the project.  The congregation stepped up to this challenge and raised in total an additional $215,000.00, within a two year period, thus going over expectations by $8,000.00.  The overage was used to fund the addition of a music/multi-purpose platform in the sanctuary to accommodate the ever growing music program.  When the recommendation was made to replace the aging original instrument the committee promised the congregation, the new instrument would be the catalyst for a community outreach program, now known as Arts in Action.

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